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Agape - Kinder- und Waisenhaus / Südafrika

Brief description of project:

Home for children (mostly orphans) from 0 - 14 years, including serious diseases as AIDS and neurological disorders in Grabow, South Africa.

Who organizes the project ?

Agape is a NGO.

To whom is the aid beneficial?

The children in the orphanage.




Team of volunteer:

Permanently stationed at the orphanage are local teachers, soup kitchen and nurses.
Help by rotating dental care, acupuncture treatments, cranio-sacral therapy, training in TCM and physical therapy for the stuff.

Which kind of support is necessary from Europe?

Funding, material for treatments (acupuncture needles, TCM requirements, treatment table and storage equipment for physically disabled children) and volunteers.



Please help to help!

Donation account TCM-Sozialforum
Berliner Sparkasse
IBAN DE 100 500 00 660 410 0 810


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We thanks to all who make possible, effective help!

Next Donation Week

23th to 29th May 2016



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