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Brief description of Project:

To investigate whether direct moxa treatments as used in Japan in the 1930’s for the treatment of TB can be replicated or adapted today for the treatment of TB, drug-resistant TB and in cases of co-infection with HIV/AIDS in the developing world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The possibilities for tretament include scenarios both with and without drugs which are in inadequate supply.

Who organizes the Project?
Moxafrica is a charity registered with the UK Charities Commission (Moxafrica) with the specific aim of investigating moxa tretament for TB in the developing world. Currently it is managed by 5 trustees two of whom are practising licensed acumoxa practitioners in the UK.

To whom is the aid beneficial?
Potentially anyone infected or affected by the plague of tuberculosis in the developing world.

Team of volunteer:
We may be looking for volunteers to teach and monitor the impmentation of a basic flexinble treatment protocol in the coming twelve months. These visits are planned as being short stays only. We may additionally be looking for people to help provide ongoing monitoring and support at intervals during the treatment periods which may extyend up to two years‘ duration..
We would prefer volunteers who are already familiar with the techniques of okyu (Japanese style direct moxibustion).

Which kind of support is necessary from Europe?
Treatment itself is intended to be carried out by medically trained practitioners in the facilities in Africa not by volunteers. Support from Europe (or elsewhere) is in terms of basic training in moxibustion and the treatment protocol, provision and continuing supply of moxa, continuous consultative support to monitor response and problems, providing perioodic visits to monitor progress first hand, and support in collating results from treatment.

What kind of material is necessary?
High quality Japanese moxa (Ibuki Gold Mountain) & tapers for lighting.


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