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PanAfrican Acupuncture Project

Brief description of the project:

PAAP trains medical stuff, such as nurses, midwives, nurse midwives and other health-care providers in African countries, how to use simple acupuncture protocols to eliminate or reduce the symptoms associated with HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other chronic diseases, and to address the side effects of conventional medication.
The trainings are carried out in local hospitals, clinics and health centers.

Who runs the project:
PAAP is an independent non-profit organization and a registered NGO in Uganda that functions with the support and endorsement of the local Ministries of Health, the Directors of the District Health Services and other local NGOs.

To whom is the aid beneficial?

The trainings empower the providers, enabling them to offer effective treatments to thousends of persons, thereby reducing pain and suffering and improving quality of life.

Team of volunteer:

Volunteer acupuncturists participate for two-week trainings, with the opportunity to return for Follow-up trainings and to become lead trainers.



Which kind of support is necessary from Europe?

Volunteers acupuncturists/ treatment supplies and donations.
PAAP is an entirely volunteer-run organization. The volunteer acupuncturist must raise the funds to cover the costs of their travel, accommodation and meals. A portion of each contribution also supports the cost of the training itself.


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Donation account TCM-Sozialforum
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IBAN DE 100 500 00 660 410 0 810


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Next Donation Week

23th to 29th May 2016



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