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Principles and Definition

The TCM-Social Forum is a platform for international aid projects, which support socially disadvantaged people in a special form of Chinese medicine.

The TCM - Social Forum is politically neutral. The aid of the patient is our main objective.

The TCM-Social Forum respects the local religious and cultural structures. The dignity of the people is respected.

TCM-Functions of the Social Forum

The TCM-Social Forum supports the various projects and promotes the exchange among them. (Networking)

The TCM-Social Forum create new projects where it is needed. These can be taken over in
personal responsibility from partner organizations in acceptance of this principles.

The TCM-Social Forum strives to ensure a transparent accounting. 

The TCM - Social Forum has the right to receive support of sponsors and other support services.

Donations Received

Priority support is given to those projects, which promote the independence of the affected population.

The projects are generally selfless and not for profit. 

The supported projects will commit themselves to reporting on their progress, and on the help received.


The sponsors and volunteers will receive information and confirmations of their transactions support. This information may be used as a promotional tool.

Therapists / Volunteers

The volunteers are well trained and experienced therapists in Chinese Medicine and have a basic foundation in western medical diagnostics.

The volunteers watch the respective local conditions and try not to create needs. They respect the ethical principles of their profession.

Volunteers assure not to gain any profits or other benefit from their work.

The volunteers know the risks and hazards during their commitment and assume sole responsibility for them. The TCM-Social Forum is not liable for any damages.


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