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Brief description of Project:

A small charitable health care organization based in Chapagaon, a village just outside of Kathmandu. The clinic is located on the grounds of the buddhist monastery Vajra Varahi and offers various alternative treatments such as acupuncture, Tibetan Medicine and homeopathy. The patients have to pay 5 NRs. (5 ct) Once a week, an optomotrist is present.
There are also annual dental camps to flar-flung areas of Nepal for 3 days at the time.


Who organizes the project?

VVH is a project under the umbrella of the Chokgyur Lingpa Foundation - registered as an NGO in Nepal and the USA


To whom is the aid beneficial?

Local villagers from within a 4 hours travel radius and monks at the monastery, people living with HIV / Aids and those recovering from drug abuse.

Team of volunteer:

Overseas volunteers(most for acupuncture and optometery) come for 4 - 12 weeks at a time (in single cases longer). Local residents provide ancillary payd stuff at the clinic - interpreters, cook, cleaner and receptionist. Some local residents will be trained in acupuncture.
Nepalis from a local NGO, Satthi Samuha coordinate HIV and drug abuse clinic. Some will be trained this year in NADA-Protocol to support service users.                              Local community volunteers (Nepalis) also organize a weekly outreach clinic in a local village.

Which kind of support is necessary from Europe?

Funding for running costs, practitioners, publicity, training materials, medicines (Herbs, Homeopathy..) and needles. Business ideas and support, to enable the clinic to become self-financing in future.





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