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Guni Acupuncture Project in Rajasthan / India

In this project we collaborate with the non-profit NGO Rashtriya Guni Mission (RGM), which has set itself the task of reviving old traditional ways of healing and to maintain these. For this, a healer (Guni) with the old traditional knowledge will be identified and supported. There are organized inter alia Health camps all over Rajasthan, where the Gunis treat the population in the traditional way, and now with acupuncture too.




Due to the lack of health infrastructure, expensive medical equipment and generally widespread poverty (malnutrition, lack of hygiene), etc., in Rajasthan, many women die during childbirth or a few days after birth. Women play a major role in the social system, so especially they need our special support.

We are teaching mainly health workers and Gunis in a special acupuncture for pregnancy support, birth and post-closure, including infant care and other important topics of common diseases and we participate in monthly health camps. The Gunis have the possibility to practise this newly acquired knowledge under supervision.

This project proves once again how well you can integrate acupuncture into any other healing system. The Gunis can now handle an even wider range of health problems.




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