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Book now you once in a life time opportunity to encounter ancient culture and traditional medicine in Rajasthan, India

Together with our Rajasthan based partner organisation RGM (Rashtriya Guni Mission), we would like to invite you to discover similarities and differences between Chinese medicine and traditional Indian medicine.


What to expect:

The program enables TCM practitioners to meet traditional Indian healers (Gunis), to learn about their healing methods and medicinal herbs, as well as to explore similarities and differences in regards to Chinese pharmacology.
The exchange includes visiting the Gunis' work places, join their professional meetings as well as discovering important cultural sites.
Depending on the length of your stay, you may be able to learn how to produce local remedies, such as eye drops, different therapeutic oils and distilled rose water.

Your day may start with Guni lead yoga exercises in order to refresh body and mind, followed by a hearty breakfast.
Additionally, a culinary experience includes preparation of traditional foods with the opportunity to discuss the effects on the human body.

Groups include 4-8 people and will be accommodated at the RGM Ashram (dormitory), located just outside of Udaipur. The Ashram is covering basic living needs, however, warm water or electricity cannot be assured at all times. Internet connection is not provided in this rural location.

Please be cautious at all time in regards to walking outside of the premises as wild animals can be present.

The RGM Team is especially trained in hygiene, also in regards to western health, such as using only boiled and safe drinking water. Of course, self-care is essential.

Violence of any sort is strictly prohibited and communication will need to be in an appropriate manner, considering different cultures and open mindness. For example, critique should be handled privately between two parties only, respecting the local etiquette.

The exchange group is welcome to pass on knowledge about Chinese medicine, however, please be considerate about importance of information, e.g. what is appropriate and useful information for the Gunis?

Especially assigned volunteers are responsible for the training of Gunis as well as organising health camps together with the RGM management. Please be aware, that this program differs to the volunteering program. However, candidates who are interested in the cultural exchange program are also welcome to apply for a volunteering position.

Rajasthan is well known for its unique and outstanding beauty and is ideal for people travelling to India for their first time. The region is welcoming through its cleanliness, locals are extraordinarily friendly and women are highly respected, often referred to as the back bone of society.

Surely, this trip will be your once in a life time opportunity and unforgettable!
Gunis are full of compassion and their Shen shines full of love.
Most of the Gunis work 7 days a week, consulting patients all day long. Most practitioners don't charge for their services, however, exchange of goods from appreciative clients are accepted. This way, most Gunis are rather poor materialistically seen but rich by heart through happiness, love and compassion.

The RGM Team is very welcoming, friendly and always happy to help. The NGO's goal is to raise awareness and to sensitize towards the availability of affordable and very effective healing options. This is especially important to the poor communities of this region.
Additionally, the goal is to empower and support Gunis in their knowledge and to raise acceptance and appreciation on a professional and communal level.

Food, accommodation, enrolment into the complete program
Price: 300 Euro

Additional costs:
- Travel to Delhi and Udaipur
- Transport from and to the airport
- Accommodation in Udaipur at arrival and prior to departure
- Individual travel plans
Please be aware that these considerations need to be organised independently

Registrations into the program are binding. 50,00 Euros are payable as registration fee. Refund of this registration fee is not applicable, including the case of cancellation of travel plans. This fee will be donated to RGM to 100%.

Applicants are invited to register with TCM Social Forum under This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please include your availability.

We are looking forward to introducing you to the Gunis and the Team of RGM!




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